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Mister Clipping Help


Are there extra options for photos of clothing?

Mister Clipping offers a special processing technique for images of garments: the “Invisible man” technique. This technique can be used on, for example, coats or sweaters. Clothing is generally photographed on a model or mannequin, or lying flat on a horizontal surface. With this technique, a photo of a garment can be constructed in which no model or mannequin is visible, but the garment is shown as it would be worn. It looks like the garment is being worn by an invisible person, hence the term “Invisible Man.”  Upload an image with the garment on a mannequin and then a separate reference image of the neck area (label). Mister Clipping will merge the two images into one single image. In the “Processing” field you can add the comment “Merge images”, to indicate you want this technique to be used.

Can Mister Clipping resize / crop my images?

Yes, if you add instructions to that effect to the job’s (or image’s) “Processing” field, we will take care of it. If you want your images to be resized, please add the exact measurements.

I have images of people (models) that have to be isolated using masking. Can Mister Clipping do that too?

Yes, Mister Clipping provides masking. This technique is recommended for images in which it is difficult to determine what is part of the object or person to be isolated and what is part of the background that is to be removed. A good example would be glasses or hair. Masking an objects means the background is removed based on pixels and some pixels in the object are made transparent. This way, glass remains glass, even if you place it on a different background. If you want your images to be masked, you can note this in the “Processing” field. Please note that when masking images, the images can only be returned in certain image formats, such as EPS, TIF, PNG and PSD.

What additional services do you offer?

Mister Clipping can also retouch, resize, crop or mask your images. We can create shadows using various techniques and for photos of garments we offer a special technique called “Invisible man.” You can make any additional wishes or requirements known in the job’s (or image’s) “Processing” field or contact Mister Clipping support to discuss the options.