High-Volume Lane Starting at 2500 images/year
Discounted pricing Pay on account Full support via email, chat and phone Dedicated project manager Use our Photoshop expertise Your own IT expert Assigned production teams
Occasional-Volume Lane Image editing starting at $1.25
Competitive pricing Pay online as you go Support online, via email and chat Use the online applicationTest one image for free   

Mister Clipping Trusted by Fortune 500 retailers and the world’s top brands.


An almost infinite number of image editors

Mister Clipping has an almost infinite capacity at its disposal. Our excellently trained image editing teams edit enormous numbers of images every day. Simple processes such as background removal, but also complex processes (customization). Discover why and how the world’s largest retailers and studios use our scalable capacity as if it were their own studio.


Efficient Workflow

By automating every step in the process that can be automated and integrating workflows and systems, we are able to avoid losing the cost benefits of outsourcing to inefficiency time and again. Mister Clipping is the no-brainer for the outsourcing of image editing. We’ve achieved this by linking the saving of time and costs to “the reliability and ease of doing it in-house.”

Extraordinary Support

At Mister Clipping the customers really do come first. They have to be able to sit back, knowing that there is an enthusiastic support team working to ensure that agreements are honored and quality is continually safeguarded. Mister Clipping clients have to be able to discuss graphics specifications and project requirements in their own language and timezone. With someone who is knowledgeable. Who can contribute ideas and solutions. Hassle-free outsourcing.

Pairing substantial savings in time and money with the ease and reliability of doing it in-house, ever since… we invented it

Also for complex editing processes

In addition to economy services, such as background removal, and our various standard services, we also offer (and specialize in) more advanced, combined image editing processes. One important advantage: because we carry out more than just the simple processes for you, supplying you with images that are ready for publishing, it is unnecessary to have your own studio do any additional editing.

Global Presence

CSR Certified